1. 每个成年人(18岁或以上)和被解放的未成年人必须完成一份申请, 包括可接受的入息证明文件及申请人的身份证明副本, 并支付当前的放映费用.
2. Applications are valid for 14 days after submission. Applications 15 to 30 days old are valid with updated proof of income. Applications over 30 days old are invalid.


Once at least one application from the household has been submitted, the applicant is eligible to place a holding fee on the property. 任何需要补贴的求职者, 8节, 或类似的住房凭证项目批准的单位将需要有该单位的批准,然后放置持有费用,以确保一个单位. 注意:OD体育app的可用物业将在潜在居民支付物业管理费并签署物业管理费收据之前进行销售. 
You may pay the holding fee after at least one person from your household applies or after your application is approved; however, 该物业将租给第一个支付物业管理费并签署物业管理费收据的核准居民. 租赁费相当于一个月的租金,在签订租约时支付押金. 保管费收据将在付款处理后发送给您,并需要电子签名. Once you have electronically signed, the property will be unlisted.  
所有的申请(包括需要的信息和文件),包括室友和共同签名者必须在支付住宿费的24小时内提交. 该物业将持有14天后,持有费用支付,并必须在该时间内签署租约. 入住日期必须在收到房费后的14天内,除非该单位在规定时间内无法入住. If you need to reserve the home for longer than 14 days, you may do so by requesting a 30-day Holding Fee Receipt, 这将在搬入时额外增加50美元的行政费用,总行政费用为150美元. In these cases, the move-in date must be within 30 days. 自收到之日起一个工作日后,持有费用不予退还, 除非申请人被拒绝或在申请过程中提交虚假信息被证实.


  1. The combined gross income for all applicants must meet or exceed the following:
    • 租金中包含热费的单位,按月租金的2倍计算.
    • 租金中不含暖气的,按月租金的3倍计算.
    • 如申请人持有第八条凭证,按月租金的2倍计算.
  2. 总收入包括:
    • 非临时雇佣的工资,如:
      • the applicant has been employed for the previous 6 months and if there have been no gaps in employment of more than 30 days during that time; or
      • the applicant has been employed at their current job for any length of time, and has a credit score of 640 or higher.
    • 临时雇佣工资, 如果申请人在过去12个月一直从事相同的工作,并且在此期间没有超过30天的空缺;
    • 自雇净收入, as verified by the previous year’s federal tax return Schedule C, 第31行.
    • 子女抚养费和/或赡养费, 如法院命令要求,并由支付人透过法院之友支付;
    • Social Security or Disability benefits;
    • Caretaker income paid by the State of Michigan; and
    • Money received from a trust or pension;
  3. 总收入不包括:
    • Any cash receipts not reported on an income tax return;
    • 食品券;
    • 国土安全部现金援助
    • 失业救济金;
    • Any other income that does not meet the requirements of #2 above.
  4. If the applicant is starting new employment, the applicant must provide documentation of the amount of pay and start date, usually in the form of an offer letter from the employer. United Properties will separately verify the employment with the employer. To be considered sufficient, an offer letter must:
    • Include the start date of the employment;
    • 列出申请人的工资,或每小时费率和期望每周工作小时数;
    • Be signed by the applicant and the employer; and
    • 打印在公司抬头的信笺上.
  5. If the applicants cannot meet the income requirement, this requirement may be satisfied by a qualified cosigner.


  1. 如果所有的申请者, whose income is being used towards the income qualification of the household, 信用评分达到640或更高, a security deposit equal to 1 month’s rent is required. Otherwise, a security deposit equal to 1.需要5个月的租金.
  2. No applicant will be accepted who has a delinquent utility bill, 除非申请人有共同签署人 or has a credit score of at least 640. 水电费包括电费和煤气费. 至少有一名申请人能够将不包括在租金内的水电费转入其名下.
  3. 如果申请人的收入被用来满足入息资格,并被判定为占有,则申请人将不会被接纳, unless more than 10 years have passed since the date of the judgment, or unless the eviction was due to foreclosure (limit 1), or unless the judgment has been paid and the tenant has a co-signer (limit 1).
  4. 除非申请人有共同签署人,否则本署不会接纳任何被驱逐个案的申请人.
  5. 申请人的信用报告上不能有欠前房东的未付款判断, unless discharged or satisfied by bankruptcy, 除非申请人有共同签署人.
  6. Chapter 7 bankruptcies must be discharged. Chapter 13 bankruptcies must be discharged, or the monthly payment will be subtracted from the applicant’s income, 除非申请人有共同签署人.
  7. If the applicant’s background check indicates an outstanding utility bill, 拥有判断, 钱的判断, 或破产, 申请人的责任是证明他或她符合上述资格.
  8. 如果没有取得业主资料,申请人的信用评分必须大于640分. Family or friends will not count as a valid landlord reference.
  9. Applicants may be rejected if a negative landlord reference is obtained.


  1. 有暴力重罪或欺诈重罪的申请人将不被接纳, 除非自定罪之日或刑满释放之日起超过10年, 哪个是后.
  2. No applicant will be accepted who has been convicted of any felony, 除非自定罪之日或刑满释放之日起超过5年, 哪个是后.
  3. No applicant will be accepted who has a pending felony charge.
  4. 申请人如在过去五年内犯过两次或以上非驾驶轻罪,概不受理.
  5. 如果申请人的背景调查表明他有一项重罪或两项或两项以上的轻罪, 申请人的责任是证明他或她符合上述资格.


1. If we are advised of a possible identity theft involving an applicant, 请申请人携带社会保障卡/ITIN文件和带照片的身份证到办公室核实身份. 申请人身份经本人核实后,申请方可批准.


  1. 共同签署人符合以下条件:
    • The cosigner has a credit score of 720 or greater, or
    • 共同签署人的收入(如上所述)是每月租金的三倍或更多, has a credit score of 640 or higher and lives in Michigan.


  1. For properties allowing pets, additional monthly rent may be charged.
  2. 申请人须缴付相当于半个月租金的宠物费用,费用不获退还, 不要超过500美元.
  3. Applicants must pay an annual non-refundable $50 pet inspection fee.
  4. Applicants must pay non-refundable pet rent equal to $50 per month.
  5. Applicants must not own more than 2 pets.
  6. Applicants must accept the terms of a pet addendum to their lease.
  7. 对于所有的狗, the applicant must supply proof of a dog license, 证明子弹是最近的, 还有一张狗的照片.
  8. 对于所有的猫, the applicant proof of spaying/neutering, 证明子弹是最近的, 还有一张猫的照片.
  9. No aggressive breeds of dogs are permitted, 包括但不限于:秋田, 美国员工梗, 拳击手, 牛的员工, Chow梗, 杜宾犬/杜宾犬折叠, 德国牧羊犬, 大丹犬, 沙哑的, 獒, 比特犬/任何斗牛梗, 声部进入记号Canario /金丝雀的狗, 罗特韦尔犬, 狼和狗杂交, 或包括上述任何一种的组合.
  10. No dogs weighing 75 pounds of more are accepted.


  1. Per city ordinance, occupancy is limited to:
    • 1 person per bedroom of 72 to 100 square feet or less, and
    • 2 people per bedroom of 100 to 149 square feet, plus 1 additional person for every additional 50 square feet.



To view the application process and fill out an application 点击这里.


The following are the expected move-in costs:

  • $100 Administration Fee ($150 if a 30天保管费收据 was signed)
  • Security Deposit (equal to 1 month’s rent if credit score is a 640 or above. If not, security deposit will be equal to 1.5月的租金)
  • 按比例分配的租金(如果在任何一个月的25 -31日搬家,加上下一个月的全额租金)
  • 宠物费(如适用)
  • 宠物租金(如适用)



  • 信用评分至少为640分
  • 住在密歇根州
  • Makes three times the amount of rent as gross income per month


Rental Property Owners Association Trust Symbol
Residential Management Professional Trust Symbol
Equal Housing Opportunity Trust Symbol

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